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WEMEI ART&CRAFTS CO.,LTD. is a professional color pattern transfer program to provide high-tech factories, set design, research, development, production and processing as a whole, using a new "water transfer" technology, combined with cutting-edge graphic arts techniques and offset printing technology to customer-specified pattern transfer to the product surface. The technology to solve a general screen printing, pad printing operation of the limitations of irregular parts in multicolor overprint, such as round, concave, convex, and other special workpiece surface transfer to any complex shapes, colors are more pattern transfer in various products.For example, spraying pieces of alloy, stainless steel appliances, sports equipment, candles, resin, wood, plastic, glass, craft materials, surface decoration. Only through the short period of time baking, attached to a solid without the need for spraying bright (light) oil. Silk screen printing can not resolve customer problems in production, is a high efficiency, low cost, high-quality new transfer process. Water transfer printing company for professional design, development, production and processing enterprises. To provide customers with improved processing and service system. Our company also specialized in producing all kinds of stickers products: tattoo sticker, car stickers, a sense of pressure (rubbing pressure) sticker, mobile sticker, nail stickers, transparent stickers, scratch-off stickers, bubble stickers , self-adhesive stickers, etc. at the same time to undertake all kinds of color box, color card printing.
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